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Start Your Spring Cleaning with Furniture Removal

With average highs of 75° and the Opening Day of the Cincinnati Reds just around the corner, no one can deny that spring has arrived here in Southwest Ohio. And while Graeter’s Ice Cream and a trip to Findlay Market are perhaps some of the most recognized Cincinnati traditions that are enjoyed around time of year, perhaps no other tradition is more closely tied to the season than – of course – spring cleaning.

We all know that we should probably make some time during the coming months to tend to our refrigerators and ovens but, if you haven’t already given these appliances some dedicated TLC at other times over the past year, you’ll likely end up needing to get rid of them rather than clean them. We think it’s safe to say that for many homeowners throughout Greater Cincinnati, spring cleaning could be more accurately described as spring removal – and that’s OK!

Junk Buildup and Removal

Whether you own an apartment, a home, or even a business, it’s natural for junk to build up over the years. This, of course, includes the sofa that you used when you first moved in, the mattress that you’ve recently replaced, or any of the other pieces of furniture that you’ve kept hidden away in the basement, garage, or attic. Keep in mind, however, that “hidden” doesn’t always mean “out of sight.” In fact, if you’ve been thinking of replacing the old television that you’ve been looking at for years or a computer that’s on its last leg, now is also a good time to rid yourself of his junk in order to make room for the electronics that you really want.

When it comes time to do your spring removal, you need a plan. And while you could add “basement junk removal” and “garage junk removal” to your already exhaustive list of chores under “washing the windows” and “deep cleaning the carpet”, regular spring cleaning is often too much for any one individual to take on, let alone someone who also wants to remove junk from their property.

Moving Furniture is Dangerous

Let’s face it – furniture removal can be dangerous. In fact, 293 Americans died between 2000 and 2010 because a piece of furniture or appliance fell on them, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Rather than risk your safety, and to avoid potentially wasting your time, you can trust the professionals at Best Hauling to handle all of your furniture removal needs for your home or business. Best Hauling provides professional junk removal services for sofas, mattresses, dresses, or other large, unwanted items. In fact, we can even remove construction debris left over from home or business renovations. All of these items will be removed from your property, placed into our dumpsters, and hauled away for you. It’s that easy.

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