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provides property cleanup and hauling services for residential and commercial clients.

Brush & Land Clearing Services

What is Underbrush?

Underbrush consists of low-growing plant life such as bushes, shrubs, grass, vines and weeds. When you clear underbrush it's considered brush clearing (or brush cleanup). Out of control underbrush can cause wildfires, weed problems, or unwanted shubbery growing in your yard. 

Can You Clear a Small Plot of Land? Or a Huge One?

Of course! No brush clearing job is too big or small for Best Hauling Company! We treat every job the same, with efficiency, great work ethic and professionalism. We perform dependable services and use the right equipment when brushing clearing. We can provide these services to homeowners, commercial businesses, residential property managers, realtors, and anyone else in need of brush clearing.

Even if it's a job as small as clearing a backyard plot of land, we can be called!

Below is a list of industries we serve:

  • Real estate
  • Park and wildlife
  • Wetlands
  • Forestry
  • Fence line clearing